Robert Pattinson might be one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood right now, but the handsome Brit was probably the last person to realize his popularity would skyrocket right along with the success of the Twilight franchise. He admits in a new interview for AnOther Man magazine that he thought the film would be “something really small.”

R-Pattz recalls the calm before the storm, when he was attempting to find the Twilight series to read up on the character of vampire Edward Cullen.

“It’s strange because even though the figures show that the books were successful and sold millions of copies, you couldn’t even buy them in London. I tried a couple of bookshops and they weren’t available. Hardly anyone I knew had read them apart from one girl, a friend of my sister,” he reveals in the interview. “I had no idea at all. I’d seen Kristen Stewart in Into the Wild and some of the director Catherine Hardwicke’s other films, and that’s all I thought it was, something really small.”

Being an actor isn’t just about being a heartthrob either, as Rob says of the craft of acting, “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Annoyingly, there are so few parts I feel I can add anything to, or that I want to do,” he adds. “I don’t want to be an actor for the sake of it. I don’t find any particular pleasure in being an attention-seeker.”

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