Rachel Dolezal’s family has more lies! Her brother Joshua is facing sex abuse charges in Colorado, with the trial scheduled to begin in August. Read More

Jay Z’s alleged love child blasts the rapper in an explosive tell-all interview. Rymir Satterthwaite confesses that in regards to his ongoing battle with his alleged dad, “I get mad at certain times.” Read More

Forgive and forget? The long-suffering wife of lying, cheating, and boozing country star Trace Adkins has called off their $20 million divorce. Read More

Kevin Costner, say it isn’t so! The actor was spotted flirting with a table of ladies while dining out with his eldest daughter, and he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. Read More

Publicly the Duggar family looks to be standing by their eldest son Josh, but it’s a very different story behind the scenes. They are furious with him, a source says, after he “ruined their main source of income.” Read More


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