Notes from the Underbelly star Rachael Harris’ actor-husband Adam Paul has taken note of her love scenes – and he doesn’t like them.

Rachael recently spent some time in the arms of hunky Josh Cooke on the ABC comedy, because her character, sexy divorce attorney Cooper, “gets a little bit randy with Josh’s character. I have a relationship with him and it’s really fun,” she tells OK! at the recent Fulcage/Single Mom Foundation charity event.

It’s not fun for Adam, whose Starz TV comedy Hollywood Residential debuts Jan. 23, not only because he’s watching his wife get it on with someone else, but because that someone else is also a friend.

"I personally know Josh and it’s awkward that they would make out in front of a camera, let alone pretend to sleep with one another," he says. "I haven’t seen him since they’ve kissed. That’s lucky for him!"

But more seriously, Adam, who has been married to Rachael since 2003, tells OK! love scenes are always an issue for acting couples. “Rachael and I just don’t talk about it,” he said. “Denial is the best way to deal with that.”

Meanwhile, Rachael and Adam are spending their holidays “sleeping in and eating lots of nice meals,” she says. “We’ve had a busy year.”

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