Every week, it appears as if the tabloids are trying to find a new reason to split up one-woman industry Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano. But in spite of the rumors, the foodie and her lawyer/musician hubby still appear to be going strong.

“I’m a happily married lady,” Rachael tells TV’s Extra in an interview to air Monday night “I have a man who does the dishes for me, does the grocery shopping. He’s free legal advice. He’s awfully handsome and he’s a rock star too. Why would I give him back?”

And when it comes to responding to the rumors every time they pop up, Rachael says they fight back for the sake of her and John’s families. “Every time we’re on the cover of some tabloid and it says something awful about us, we spend all day answering… people that are worried about us,” Rachael explains. “It wasn’t so much important for us as it was for the people that care about us. I thought it would give some relief to an otherwise crazy situation. Every week, it’s texting back… still fine, still happy, we’re good.”

To see the interview in full, check out Monday’s episode of Extra.

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