Michael Jackson‘s brother Randy Jackson is claiming that there is no way MJ signed his 2002 will — as he was thousands of miles away, 2,475 to approximate, at the time the will is dated, reports TMZ.
According to the will, it was signed on July 7, 2002 at 5:00 PM in L.A. Randy tells TMZ there’s proof that Michael was actually in NYC from July 5 to July 9, battling Sony’s Tommy Mottola, claiming the Sony boss had a thing against black artists.

The lawyer for the estate, Howard Weitzman, tells TMZ the witnesses to the will were face-to-face with Jackson when he signed the document. However he doesn’t verify if the will was actually signed in L.A., which could be the issue.

TMZ also spoke with Al Sharpton‘s rep, Rachel Noerdlinger, who confirms the reverend and Michael were indeed protesting Mottola in NYC together in 2002 on July 6 and July 9.

So what about July 7?

Sharpton’s rep released the following curious statement:

“We have reason to believe that Michael may have been in NY on the 7th and Rev. Sharpton will address this after he discusses it with the Jackson family.”

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