Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today:

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It’ a teeny little hedgehog! In a teeny little tent!


  • Five authors admit that the movie made of their book was better: [r/books]
  • New Thor poster! [r/movies]
  • The Most Interesting AMA with The Most Interesting Man In The World: [r/iAmA]


  • Check out this clearly older bald man playing a high school student on Sabrina The Teenage Witch:  [r/funny]
  • “Cannibal Alert” is not the best page to get as a paramedic: [r/funny]
  • Just a boy in an (actual) watermelon costume: [r/funny]
  • Literally my worst nightmare: [r/pics]
  • Spooked Giraffe! [r/GIFs]
  • Someone please tell me why this monkey playing with leaves is so adorable: [r/GIFs]
  • Pretty starfish! [r/pics] 
  • This guy just didn’t listen: [r/funny]
  • This little guy gives donkeys a good name: [r/aww]
  • Are you dying yet? [r/aww]
  • Love: [r/aww]
  • A different view of Shipwreck Beach: [r/pics]

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