Here's the best stuff from the front page of the internet today:

Gimme a high 5, man! [r/funny] 

  • On their 59th wedding anniversary: [r/aww]
  • Toy soldier takes a tumble: [r/funny]
  • THIS is the most popular cat video on the web today? If you say so… [r/videos]
  • What getting struck by lightning can do to you: [r/WTF]
  • A very pretty cow: [r/aww]
  • Just some cool 80s photos: [r/pics]
  • French bulldog is scared by his own farts, and it's hilarious: [r/videos]
  • A 6'2 high school senior makes a MONSTER dunk: [r/videos]
  • Bill Burr talks Paula Deen on Conan[r/videos]
  • It's hot out there for a cat, man: [r/aww]

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