Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today:

Just don't eat too much funnel cake! [Courtesy of Reddit]
Just don’t eat too much funnel cake!
[Courtesy of Reddit]
  • Just a cute lil duck: [r/aww]
  • This dog. swimming. kind of: [r/videos]
  • The weirdest GIF you’ll ever see: [r/GIFs]
  • Aw, look at the happy new mommy: [r/aww]
  • “Yea, my son will have the ‘Bandit Plate’ thanks” [r/funny]
  • Who needs Wikipedia when you have… [r/funny]
  • Homemade Shark Week chocolates! [r/pics]
  • Tiny rainbow frog! [r/aww]
  • For apple haters: [r/funny]
  • The next time you think you can’t live in harmony with a lion: [r/TIL]
  • Wa-wa-wa-wait — Did he save him? or kill him? Discuss: [r/WTF]
  • Meanwhile, on Swedish TV: [r/GIFs] 
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