Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today:

Bunny Gif
Just a bunny that never stops chewing, that’s all [Courtesy of Reddit]


  • Being the awesome (former) Governator that he is, Arnold Schwarzenegger commented (and drew a little picture!) on a Happy Birthday thread dedicated to him on [r/fitness]
  • Ben & Jerry’s Flavors inspired by books! OK, they aren’t real, but they WOULD be awesome: [r/books]


  • This is a CAKE, you guys: [r/pics] 
  • Hummingbird Photobomb! [r/pics] 
  • “I hereby crown you.. King of The Litterbox!” [r/aww]
  • Giraffe GIF! [r/GIFs] 
  • A Hipster Tomato: [r/funny]
  • Holy Moly, Hugh Jackman! Must see this twitpic: [r/pics]
  • What’s weird about this? It’s just a guy taking his flip flop out for a walk! [r/WTF]
  • Ehhh — Slight Miscalculation: [r/GIF]
  • This caption!!! I can’t: [r/aww]
  • Ah! Mama lion saves her cub!  [r/aww]
  • I leave you with… Mustache Tricks: [r/GIFs]

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