Here's the best stuff on the front page of the internet today:

  • Breaking Bad Star Brian Cranston Did an AMA: [r/iAmA]
  • But then one redditor was bummed that he couldn't show "Coach Cranston" this: [r/pics] 
  • A Canadian car dealership owner recorded an amazing radio ad after getting robbed, and says "aboot" like a true Canadian [r/videos]
  • Here's a horse that looks like a cow [r/aww]
  • This guy's wife told him to play with the puppy more [r/aww]
  • These guys infalted a hot air balloon inside their house: [r/pics]
  • And this guy chose to make the best of his broken arm: [r/pics]
  • HOLY MOLY the dye job on this dog: [r/wtf]
  • This dad gave his son the coolest birthday present ever: [r/gaming]
  • Here's a day-old Kitten [r/aww]
  • And who needs Blockbuster when you're friends with this guy? [r/funny]
  • The LEGO Movie Official Trailer is out!!!!! [r/movies] 

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