Can you still be on a hit Bravo reality TV show about housewives if you lose your home? You can if you’re Lisa Wu-Hartwell of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and you end up with a new home in the end.

TMZ reports that Lisa and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, lost their multi-million dollar George mansion last week after the bank foreclosed on the home and sold it. Her rep tells TMZ they had been in talks with the lender to restructure the lome after it lost value, but that plan didn’t work.

The twosome bought their house in 2007 for $2.9 million but the bank only got $1.9 million for it when they resold it. month.

The rep says “Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their [new] home, that sits on 10 acres and they OWN it!”

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