As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks the season into high gear, last night viewers got a glimpse of marriage counseling sessions between Taylor Armstrong and her late husband, Russell. 

During the session last night as the couple navigated issues riddling their six year marriage, Taylor indicated the ups and downs of their marriage were too much.
According to RadarOnline, she said, "When Russell is good to me, it's better than any other good I can imagine…[when he's not] it hurts more than anything in the world."
Russell admitted that he wasn't the most attentive husband and also mentioned he had anger issues. During the sessions it appeared their marriage was on the upswing. He indicated, "The good news is there's nothing that's happened in this marriage that's so damaging that neither one of us can not recover." 
He added, "I know there are issues with me being absent because of work or when I get angry…that's when we argue."
Although he appeared to be rational and articulate, on the show and after his death Taylor indicated he was physically abusive and she was concerned he was going to kill them in a murder-suicide. 
On August 15, Russell hanged himself. He is survived by Taylor and their daughter Kennedy, and two children from two other relationships.


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