Reba McIntyre has a long career of country hits, but that hasn’t made her shy about admitting she took "Keep on Loving You," the title track from her upcoming album, from her pals Brooks & Dunn. Don’t worry, she’s not a thief.

"Brooks & Dunn recorded it, but they were trying to put more uptempo songs on their album," Reba explains to The "When Ronnie told me that I said, ‘Man you missed it, that’s a killer song.’ He said he liked it too. I said, ‘Let me have it.’ He looked at me and said ‘What?’ I said, ‘Why don’t you let me have it? I’ll record it!"


He slept on it, and the next morning she could have it, so she "went in and recorded it quick!"


While she collaborated with her old friends for that song, she admits that touring last year with newer talent Kelly Clarkson was also a fulfilling experience.


"When she [Kelly] was doing songs like ‘Miss Independent’ and her other hits, it was like wow! I had more of an open mind when I listened to songs this time. I seemed to gravitate to sassy women’s songs with an attitude."

Reba say she and Kelly wrote together but none of the songs made it onto this album. "I’m gonna hold on to some of them, and we’re still working on some of them," she explains. "I think she’s gonna put one of them on her album."

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