Rebecca Romijn breaks away from twin girls Dolly and Charlie, 2, for the Wella Professionals Care and Styling launch held Tuesday at Pipino 57 in NYC.

For the model-actress, 38, who is married to Jerry O’Connell, 37, fast, easy hair care is tops.

“At this point in my life, I think it’s about cutting down on prep time as much as possible, because I barely have time to brush my teeth most of the time,” she tells me. “My favorite product these days is Wella Ocean Spritz, because it mimics ocean water, which is my number one favorite hair care product. It mimics that, and you put it in damp hair, and you twist it up, and you get these beachy waves, and it’s great – it’s easy. For a mom who’s got limited time, it’s easy.”

Hm, what’s so great about ocean water?

“My favorite type of hair is beachy hair, and I love summertime, I love the beach. For most people, going to the beach and washing their hair in the ocean is not a reality – it’s for the lucky few out there – so if you can buy it in a bottle, it’s the next best thing.”

This summer, Rebecca may wet her locks South of the border.

“We’re big fans of Mexico. We go to Mexico a lot; we like to go to the Caribbean side. We’re beach people.”

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