Ashley Tisdale is a girl’s girl who hangs with BFFs like Miley Cyrus and High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

“I think it’s always important to have girlfriends because guys tend to come and go,” the singer/actress, 24, tells me. “It’s always great to have those girlfriends for support, and who have your best intentions and who you can trust.”

When they get a free afternoon, they’re known to hit up the local mall.

“I like to go shopping,” Ash confesses. “I’m a big fan of purses and sunglasses. I love Balenciaga bags, and Givenchy bags.”

What is Miley, 16, like as a friend?

“She’s a real sweetheart. She’s a big sweetheart, actually. She’s someone who has really stayed true to herself, and she hasn’t changed for how successful and huge she is. She’s really grounded and so is her family. They’re very supportive people. She’s somebody who’s always there to listen, and she’s a great person.”

Here’s a photo of Ashley and I from 2007. So fun! See more photos of the stars in The Valerie Gallery.


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