Avril Lavigne is no diva.

Despite her fame, the singer, 29, is happy to pitch in when she’s on the road with new hubby Chad Kroeger’s band Nickelback.

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She recently joined them for the first ten days of their European tour.

“When I’m out with them on tour, well, I can’t sit around and do nothing, so I take over quick-change booth,” Avril says Tuesday during her self-titled album release party held at Finale in NYC. “Do you know what that is?”

Um, no?

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“The side of the stage is the quick-change booth,” she explains. “Like, during the show, Chad comes in and I help him change his shirt. I’m a towel girl for Daniel, their drummer. He comes offstage, and I’ve got a towel with water, and I pass the boys and say ‘good job, good show.’ They’re like ‘oh my God.’ I have to do something, so I have fun out there with them.”

She continues, “I get to go back out—after New York, I do L.A., and then Japan [for my album release]. Then, I go meet the guys on tour, and I’ll be back out on towel duty.”

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