Julianne Hough asks me to feel her legs when we meet up at NYC’s 6 Columbus Hotel during a Venus Embrace event this week.

Sure, we see each other all the time – I was just on her boyfriend Chuck Wicks’s tour bus when she was playing on the floor with their dog Lexi – but this is a little much.

“No, I’m serious,” the Dancing With The Stars stunner, 20, pleads. “They’re very smooth. Chuck really likes the smooth legs.”

Indeed, they are smooth, thanks to the new razor. “I would never-ever go out in a bikini [laughs] without my Venus Embrace because that’s, like, ridiculous,” she says.

Another beauty treatment the chipper country singer swears by is eyelash dyeing, which she discovered because her sister owns a spa in Nashville, and her other sister is an aesthetician there. Ooh, lucky!

“The thing I love is she dyes my eyelashes so that they’re black, and so when I am out in the summertime and I don’t want to wear makeup, I still have dark eyelashes. Because I’m blonde, and you can’t even tell I have eyelashes. I love it.”

What is the process like?

“She dyes my eyelashes black,” Julianne explains. “Basically, she puts Vaseline underneath, [motions to under-eye area] and then she just puts dye over the top of them and lets them sit for a minute and washes them off. It’s like hair color, basically. It lasts a couple weeks, and then I’ll go do it again. And it takes two minutes to do.”

For Julianne, beauty isn’t only skin deep. She coauthored Gillette’s Goddess Guide to Getting Closer. What’s her #1 goddess tip?

“It’s probably just being confident in who you are,” she says. “We coauthored this booklet, and the first page is all about The Goddess Of You. There are things that I like about myself, and I think everybody should do that. They should say things they like about themselves. Like, I like my legs, I think they’re OK, and I like my teeth, my smile. And I like that I’m confident — even though sometimes if I’m in a sticky situation, I’ll pretend like I’m confident. That’s it – have confidence in yourself.”

Julianne is a total dream every time. Last time, she told me a joke. “How do you wake Lady Gaga up?” she said, interjecting. “Poke her face!” This time, she delighted with another gag.

On the way out, I pick up my very own Venus Embrace razor complete with Satin Care shave gel. Nice. I love parting gifts.

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