Jenni “JWoww” Farley chooses to cover her bangin’ body in tattoos.

Could beau Roger Matthews get some ink on her fab figure?

“We joke about that a lot,” the reality darling, 26, tells me Tuesday during the Room 101-sponsored party for her Inked magazine cover held at NYC’s Kiss & Fly.

“The only way I would do it is if we got married,” he says.

She says, “That, or everyone that does it ends up breaking up.”

Roger says, “Then you have to find a girl with the same name.”


Now that season six of Jersey Shore has been taped and BFF Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is engaged and expecting, the couple of two years is feeling the heat in the wedding bell department. 

How do they feel about getting married?

“Pressured,” JWoww admits.

Roger laughs, “I didn’t mean to open up that can of worms.”

JWoww needles, “How do you feel, babe [laughs]?”

Roger says, “In time, all in due time.”

JWoww says, “It’s up to him.”

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