Michelle Branch and hubby Teddy Landau enjoy taking their four-year-old daughter Owen to Palm Springs, Calif., for a weekend getaway.

“We like to have some time by the pool, and relax,” the Grammy-winning singer, 26, tells me. “I’m a last-minute packer, so I hate packing. Whatever’s clean works.”

The May-December couple, who are 19 years apart, blissfully celebrated their fifth anniversary in May.

“It actually annoys everyone who knows us, but we spend so much time together,” she says. “We’re best friends before we’re spouses, and we do everything together. We love hanging out together, and I think it’s really rare. I think it’s communication.”

What milestones has little Owen hit recently?

“She’s pretty sassy. She says a lot of things that are inappropriate at the time. She tried to give her teacher at her school, who is a nun who is interning, the birds and the bees talk, and I got called by her teacher. That was quite embarrassing for us. But every other day, there’s something new. It’s amazing.”

Michelle’s new album, Everything Comes and Goes, will be out this fall. Listen for her new single Sooner or Later, out now.

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