Sandra Lee is in the mood for a food fight when asked which celebrity she’d most like to invite over for dinner.

Anthony Bourdain, because I’d like to tell him that he needs to have a cocktail,” she tells me during an event for Julie and Julia, which is in theaters now. “He needs to have a cocktail and lighten up.”

The Semi-Homemade Cooking star has their meal all planned out.

“I would cook him a yummy, mommy comfort food meal, like something with meat and mashed potatoes in it,” Sandra says. “It’s good comfort food. We all need good comforting.”

Whew, that’s a relief because the No Reservations can be hard to please.

Anthony says, “I’ve eaten a lot of old and dirty food over time, but the food that makes me angriest is fake Mexican food and badly-prepared Italian food. I get angry about those things.”

Top Chef Masters
host Kelly Choi weighs in on the dining drama.

“I’m guessing she might have said that maybe because he picks on her,” she tells me. “I think Anthony picks on people that he maybe secretly likes. I mean friendly, I don’t mean HA-HA. I think she would get along with him just fine because he’s so witty and so funny, and I think he could talk to anybody.”

Sandra Lee isn’t alone in wanting to break bread with Anthony.

“I love Tony Bourdain,” Rachael Ray says. “I’m a huge fan.”

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