Tori Spelling may be a bestselling author, actress and reality star, but now she’s setting her sights on becoming a talk show host.

The married mom wet her appetite for chatting last month as a co-host on the Today Show.

What advice did Kathie Lee Gifford give her?

“Oh my gosh, she just said ‘be yourself, go for it,’” Tori, 36, tells me during a Q-Tips Vanity Packs event. “That was her thing. Don’t hold back. I remember the first day, I was a little nervous, and I thought ‘OK, it’s Kathie Lee, she’s like an icon, she’s been doing this forever, I have to be so respectful.’ And then she was busting my balls, and I thought ‘oh, I can’t fire back.’ Then, we went to lunch that day and we completely bonded. We had the total two-hour girlfriend lunch, and the next day I came back firing at her. I just felt like I could do that. We were on the same level. And we had bonded – we were girlfriends. It’s so nice to have that compatibility, and we just totally clicked.”

The Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood star hopes to return.

“I would like to, if they would have me back,” she says. “I definitely like the format of the talk show, so I’d definitely love to do something like that in the future.”

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