Apparently being a vegan movie star isn’t enough for Nikki Reed to feel good about her body.


“If I had more confidence, I would rock a crop top,” Nikki, 25, tells me moments after palling around with Twilight co-stars Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone during the Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit held at Planet Hollywood Times Square in NYC. “Some beautiful, high-end designers are incorporating the crop top now, which is great. I love them on other people so much, I wish I could.”

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One reason might be the indulgences hubby Paul McDonald recently sent her when she was shooting a film in Austin, Texas.

“Sometimes it’s hard to eat in the South, so he had someone shop at a cool vegan place, and deliver my twenty favorite vegan snacks on my bed,” she says. “They unpacked it for me. It’s little things like that that let me know that he’s always thinking about me.”

What did he get her?

“He sends me macaroons, I get my special Go Macro bars, I get Rice Chips, he sends me guacamole stuff you can make on-the-go. Little things because when you don’t eat meat, then you have to be conscious of what you put in your body so you’re not just living off of lettuce.”

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It’s not all vegan snacks, though. In the kitchen, Nikki also whips up a killer lentil loaf and gluten-free raw vegan cookies.


Still, not even a crop top could get Nikki to forgo a meal.

“I never skipped a meal,” she confesses. “I can’t even recall a time when I’ve skipped a meal. I never understand when people say ‘I’m so busy, I forgot to eat today.’ It’s never happened. I always find time! [laughs]”

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Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga, which is in stores now, includes the five films, plus two hours of new content. What do you think of Nikki’s passion for vegan food? Would you wear a crop top?  Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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