Following his arrest after violating the conditions of his drug-related probation while out on a 24-hour pass from court-ordered drug rehab, a judge Tuesday ordered Redmond O’Neal was ordered back by a judge Tuesday to Wayside Detention Center for at least 30 days.

Redmon was taken into custody on Dec. 29 because of suspicion of violation during his first 24-hour pass out of the drug rehab facility.

He appeared in court Tuesday morning before Judge Michael Tynan for a status update on his rehab, Radar Online reports.

Before the most recent arrest, Redmond, who has been battling drug problems for years, had been clean for six months.

In court Tuesday the judge read a letter Redmond had written, which appeared to be at least four pages front and back.

“I read a rather thoughtful letter,” the judge said. He said he, “Wouldn’t go into the family stuff in the letter, but you (Redmond) mention pride and how proud your family, friends, and girlfriend are of you and then you let them down.”

Redmond’s mother, Farrah Fawcett, is amongst those who would probably be let down by her son’s recent relapse.

“You are going to stay somewhere at some point, the judge said adding that “home” is the trigger for his relapse. “Recovery isn’t a walk in the park, you have a responsibility to yourself to stay sober, not your family.”

“I have to go somewhere on my own,” Redmond said, who is now facing up to six years in prison.

His next appearance before the judge will be on Feb. 2.

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