And now for some delightfully interesting, albeit very crazy news: Sheri Allred, a woman who says she’s possessed by “the most beautifulest angel lusefer” who also claims she’s the reincarnation of “Venus Aphrodite Demilo” is suing Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for a whopping $3 billion, TMZ reports.

So what does Ms. Allred have against the Hef? In her lawsuit, the self-proclaimed “biggest hat in the world” says he’s a member of a pedophile organization in L.A., and that he hid under her bed when she was 5 and held her hand. Since then, she says he’s made her life “a mess.”

She also says she belongs to the oil family of the Gettys as well as part of the “John Gotti Mafia.” Good luck with that one, Ms. Allred.

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