David Hernandez shot out the doors of the American Idol studio like a deal-seeking missile.


The finalist was repeating the phrase, "I’m shopping a major record deal right now, and I hope to have an album out within a year," as if it were a tic.

In a single, half-hour interview on the morning after he was knocked out of the competition, David said it no fewer than seven times.

But in the nine weeks since then, David, from Glendale, Az., has gone from "shopping" to "praying".

Yesterday he told fans on his Myspace page that he was still without a contract and is moving back to California to step-up his campaign.

"Hey fans," he wrote in his blog. "Just wanted to let you all know that I made the move to LA and its all good!

"Im currently writing and recording some great songs…..and praying that a record deal comes sooner than later;)," said the 24-year-old.

"There are some other big things in the works for me …and as soon as those things solidify, Ill update you on what they are.

"I dont want to jinx anything so just keep my future success in your thoughts…and all will be AIGHT! cool?"

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