In her new movie New in Town, Renee Zellweger plays a hard-driving executive who comes to a local community to get a small factory back on track.

Shooting took place in winter in Winnepeg, Canada,–in temperatures that the actress says created some embarrassing occupational hazards!

"Nostricles! Which are not sexy," the Oscar-winner tells "You don’t know your nose is running because you can’t feel it. It just freezes before you realize you need a Kleenex. Boy, I tell you, that’s funny!"


In the movie, Zellweger prances around in the snow and bitter cold sometimes wearing nothing more than a business suit and heels. She admits the temperatures dropped so low, at times she felt she put herself at risk.

"[It’s] so cold that you’re taking your life into your own hands to out of the house," she explained. "So cold that wearing the clothes I did on set, the little skirts and thin jackets, was really stupid even if it did look funny. My only defense was lots of pantyhose–like three or four pairs."


New in Town required Zellweger to perform a lot of physical comedy–something she hasn’t really done since Bridget Jones’ Diary.

"I have such a good time making a jerk out of myself," she says. "That’s play to me, seeing how you can make it funnier by falling down or stumbling or whatever. Of course, there can be a little pain involved. I had bruises of very interesting colors."

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