It’s been nearly 11 years since Jerry Maguire first hit
theaters, but the memories are still fresh in Renée Zellweger’s head.

“[I remember] every little thing. Everything, everything. That
was a good time.” she says in the lastest issue of OK! about the film that made her a household name.

Working with such heavyweights as Tom Cruise and Cameron
didn’t intimidate Renée, now 38, but she says she was aware of the job
before her.

“I knew that it was going to be a massive responsibility and
I knew what a risk those guys were taking on me, what great faith they had in
having invited me for the experience,” the Bee Movie star says. “It was a huge,
tremendous responsibility.”

None of it really hit her until the end of filming,
though. Music aficionado Cameron compiled a music video for the cast
and crew to see.

“When he showed that to me is when I kind of understood the impact this
experience would have.”

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