The British press is reporting that Kate Moss has booted her latest indie-rocker boyfriend out of her house after an argument about another woman.

Apparently, Kate is furious about a girl who has been spending time with her man of 10 months, Jamie Hince, the lead singer of the Kills.

And London’s Daily Mirror newpaper says that when the supermodel brought the subject up on Saturday night, they ended up in a major shouting match — and the frontman was packing his bags by the next morning!

The supermodel started dating Hince 10 months ago, just after she ditched the last guitar-wielding lover, Pete Doherty, for cheating on her.

"Jamie and Kate had a blazing argument in the early hours of Saturday morning," said the paper’s source.

"Kate made some comment about a girl who’d been hanging around Jamie and it deteriorated from there.

"Just hours later, Jamie was packing his things and moving stuff out of her house. By the afternoon, most of it had gone."

"Since then, Kate and Jamie haven’t spoken as she has had her mobile turned off or has been screening his calls," added the source.

Apparently Jamie has been telling his friends that the split isn’t permanent.

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