Mischa Barton got all gussied up for her role as a hooker on the hit NBC crime series Law & Order: SVU, but looking the part is the easier than actually filming it. Reportedly, Mischa has not been making any friends on set, and her slipshod acting prowess prolonged the day of shooting for the cast, because Mischa kept messing up her lines. “She only had seven lines, seven!”a source told Radar Online about Mischa.

“Each time she would mess up she would forget her lines and Mariska kept prompting her and saying ‘it’s your line Mischa’.”

According to Radar Online’s source, Mariska Hargitay and the cast and crew lost their patience with Mischa’s “unprofessionalism.”

But Mischa kept apologizing with “sorry,” each time she missed her lines. Maybe her nerves got the best of her, returning to a network television show. She has been out of The O.C. since 2006.

Despite her faltering acting ability, the insider said Mischa  “looks pretty.” He little dog companion was running around the set and she “always looked happy when she was playing with the dog.”

At the end of the long shooting day,  Mischa scooped up her dog and “ran to her trailer,” the source told Radar Online.

Returning to the small screen will hopefully be therapeutic for Mischa. In July, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold by L.A. police and taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She recovered quickly after hospitalization and starred in Ashton Kutcher‘s short lived TV show The Beautiful Life.

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