Tiger Woods may have been able to keep most things private in the past, but it seems some of those things are now coming to light: A former reporter who covered Tiger on the PGA tour told Fox411 that in 2008 Tiger was seen leaving a hotel room with an unknown woman.

The insider said that Tiger has always taken “extraordinary efforts” to keep his private life private even before he married Elin Nordegren in 2004.

“Tiger never wanted to be a huge public figure,” the source said. “He has a security unit that takes care of him when he’s traveling, and they keep him safe and shaded from even the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi.”

But the source said that Tiger hasn’t always been able to keep things private.

“A little over a year ago Tiger was in a room at a hotel in Miami, about 90 minutes from his home,” the insider said. “The room was guarded by two guards with earpieces looking very professional in suits. Tiger exited the room with a dark-haired woman, not his wife, giving his security guards the evil eye when he realized someone else was in the hall seeing him.”

The source added that the drama surrounding the club promoter Rachel Uchitel and the car accident outside his house that occurred three days later is unfair to Elin.

“Elin spends so much time with the children,” the source explained. “She loves them and is always home with them. Whatever caused the accident, she should not have to go through all this.”

Both Tiger and Rachel have denied the reports of an affair.


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