Kirsten Dunst is overcoming what ails her in rehab at Utah’s Cirque Lodge Treatment Center.

I caught up with the 25-year-old star during the premiere for Marie Antoinette in October 2006. She was enchantingly relatable. “I’m a dessert girl in general,” she revealed as she spent a good five minutes with a gaggle of reporters on the red carpet. “Corsets weren’t so comfortable,” she added.

What was it like filming Marie Antoinette?
It became very sensual. It was really sensorial – what I was eating, what the weather felt like, how I felt in my dress, everything became part of me. I really had to be much more of an observer than you do when you have a lot to say. It’s easy to hide behind things, but when it’s just you with a camera in your face you feel very vulnerable.

You sleep a lot in the movie. Do you sleep a lot in real life?
I sleep a lot. Everyone says that. Hahaha.

What was it like playing royalty?
Well, I didn’t feel like I was playing royalty. I felt like I was playing a girl who was trying to be a woman. I never felt like I was royalty.

In America, celebrities are like royalty. Would you rather be a celebrity or royalty?

Best of luck, Kirsten. Get well soon.

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