You think Rhys Ifans is still a little bitter about his break-up with Sienna Miller?

The actor, who’s recently formed a band, just told a newspaper that he didn’t write any of the songs on his new album about Sienna — because she "doesn’t deserve" a song!

The Alfie star ended their year-long relationship back in early June, reportedly because Rhys was getting jealous about her spending time with her ex, Matthew Rhys.

Since then he’s been spotted falling out of pubs around London with a string of girls, including Rod Stewart’s daughter Kim, while Sienna’s been getting in deep with married billionaire Balthazar Getty.

When Britain’s Guardian newspaper asked the Notting Hill star about the heart-break song Stonefinger from his new album, The Golden Mile, he said he’d written it about six month before he started dating Sienna.

"I’d split up with me girlfriend… Not the little one," he said, meaning Miller.

So it wasn’t about Sienna at all?

"Jesus Christ, no. She doesn’t deserve a f***ng song, that one."

Well, that’ll give Sienna something to think about on Balthazar’s yacht.


The Golden Mile by The Peth is set for a digital only release on September 1st.

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