There’s a really, really thin line to cross between good Instagram etiquette and terrible Instagram etiquette. And to make sure that you never go borderline terrible again, we got Brendan, Morgan, Roxy, Jonny and Dorothy, aka the #RichKids of Beverly Hills, to tell us exactly how to do it. Here’s 5 tips from the 5 cast members on  how many selfies and hashtags are considered okay, what to think about when choosing a filter, and more of your Insta burning q’s.

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1. Brendan Fitzpatrick (@brendanfitzp) “I think number one should be, know how to use Instagram. I’ll let them elaborate because I have no idea.”

2. Morgan Stewart (@boobsandloubs_): “I think my number one tip would be your caption needs to match your photograph. It needs to be relevant to what you’re posting. It should be witty and funny. And you are not a tour guide. You don’t need to put 100 hashtags. Hashtags, do two.”

3. Roxy Sowlaty (@roxysowlaty): “My tip is don’t take too many selfies. Like maybe 1, 2 a week. Not more than that. Not too many alone, that’s the thing.”

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4. Jonny Drubel (@jonnydrubel): “My tip would be don’t overfilter. I could overfilter. I could make myself look like Ryan Gosling if I wanted to. But you don’t want to go there. You just want to be you.”

5. Dorothy Wang (@dorothywang): “I think my number one rule of Instagram is have a well versed, well-rounded instagram. I like my purses and my shoes but it’s not all shopping. Sometimes I’m baking, sometimes I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes I’m waking up in bed with no makeup on. It should reflect your whole life and not when you look pretty all the time.”

Morgan: “Basically the number one rule of Instagram is don’t talk about it as long as we’ve talked about it.”

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