Some rumors are so ludicrous, they don’t even warrant a comment – that’s exactly how Rihanna feels about the incessant talk of her so-called “relationship” with Jay-Z.

“Well, it’s crazy that you ask me that. People know that it’s not true,” the 20-year-old Grammy winner tells Elle. “I get asked about it all the time and I’m like, ‘You’re asking, but you know the answer.’ I don’t even like to address it anymore.”

The Barbados-born singer has been romantically linked to her mentor — whom she couldn’t believe was "sitting right in front of me" during her initial audition — since their love anthem “Umbrella” hit the airwaves last year, and Rihanna understands the curiosity is part of the equation.

“I think it’s kind of a cliché question, and people know it’s not true,” she says.

Since then, Jigga has tied the knot with longtime gal pal Beyonce and Rihanna has been seen carousing with Chris Brown. While she doesn’t outright call him her beau, the starlet doesn’t exactly debunk rumors either.

“We’ve always been friends, but we’re very close now.”

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