Multiple Grammy winner is putting aside music for the moment to appear on TV! Rihanna will no doubt make a splash on TVs across the pond when she produces and appears in a new fashion project for Sky Living later this year.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rihanna will work a lot behind the scenes but will appear in front of the camera in the 10 part series. As for the show itself, it will search England for the new generation of raw talent who needs to create outfits for musicians and celebs. The winner will get to design an outfit for Rihanna when she performs in London this coming July!
In a statement, the Barbados native said, "I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage."
She added, "I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show."

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