It’s tough being a diva on the rise. Just ask Rihanna — she’s enjoyed success on the charts this year, but also had her name dragged through the rumor mill.



Though rumors of a hook-up between she and Jay-Z have been quashed by both Rihanna and the rap mogul, they may have put a strain on a potential friendship with Jay-Z’s girlfriend Beyonce, the 19-year-old singer told the January issue of Allure magazine.

Rihanna says that while she and Beyonce aren’t fueding, they certainly aren’t close either. "When we see each other, we say hi. We’re not enemies, but we’re not ‘friends’ friends." she said.



As for dating, he can stand under her umbrella, but that doesn’t mean that Rihanna’s interested in a love affair with Josh Harnett, the actor she was rumored to be seeing earlier this year.



"This is what really happened: He and my management, they have each other’s contact information. I went to (the New York club) Pink Elephant, and he came by. All of a sudden, the next day, I’m seeing that we were kissing and hugging up each other," she said. "You can’t even go out with a friend who’s a celebrity and have a good time without people making (bleep) up. Well, at least he’s good-looking, right?"

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