Rihanna knows what she likes! The superstar’s concert tour rider has been released, and some of the mandatory items may seem a little unique. In the food category, RiRi orders 24 buffalo wings with hot sauce on the side and a whole roasted chicken with jerk seasoning, The Smoking Gun reports.

Check out some more of RiRi’s tour essentials:

Rihanna Catering Rider

1 bag of good quality tortilla chips
1 small bag of plantain chips (salted)
1 bag of “fire hot” crunchy “Cheetos brand” cheese doodles (or comparable item)
**We may ask for hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, turkey sausage at any time throughout the day. Please be prepared.

    Rihanna Dressing Room

    1 large comfortable sofa
    1 sofa chair
    2 end tables
    1 coffee table
    5 lamps
    1 cushioned style office chair
    1 2′ (w) x 2′ (h) lighted professional Make up mirror (Must have 1′ of space in front of the mirror)

        Aftershow Bar/Area

        “RIHANNA” would like to have the choice of a after show bar of area for use after the show for their guests.

        Leave it to RiRi to take care of her friends. Her demands don’t seem too outlandish — doesn’t everyone like snacks?

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