Tonight Jesse McCartney takes his concert tour to Salt Lake City, Utah’s Abravanel Hall.

The Leavin’ singer tells me his rider includes kombucha tea, Red Bull, water, vegetables and raw almonds.

Any embarrassing moments?

“I remember this one time I was walking out onstage,” he tells me. “The curtain opens, I go out onstage and … no microphone in my hand. I always walk out with the microphone in my hand! I go out onstage and the track’s starting and I’m like ‘I don’t have a mic.’ I had to run to the side of the stage and get the mic. I’d left it in the bathroom.  It was one of those idiotic moments where you’re spacing. It’s one of those moments where you’re like ‘where are my sunglasses?’ and they’re sitting on top of your head. It was pretty funny. I ran out like ‘ahhh’ and I ran back off like ‘agh.’ It was weird.”

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