Now that Rob Lowe is exiting Brothers and Sisters at the end of the season, the handsome actor will have more time to spend with his sons Edward, 16, and John, 14.

What advice does he give them about girls?

“That’s an ongoing discussion,” the star, whose DVD The Invention of Lying is out now, tells me. “That discussion is just beginning. They’re 16 and 14. We’re just in the prelude of that book.”

What does the future hold?

“I love doing comedy because it’s so freeing,” Rob, 45, says. “You don’t have to worry about how you look. Because you start worrying about how you look, how you come off, how you’re perceived, and it’s the death of comedy. I just let it loose, have fun. That’s the key.”

Lucky for wife Sheryl, whom he wed in 1991, one thing Rob cannot do is tell a lie.

“I think actors are horrible liars because what we do for a living is try to tell the truth in completely arbitrary, fake situations,” he says. “The better actor you are, the worse liar you are, and the worse actor you are, the better liar you are.”

Still, it’s a skill he admires.

“Without lying, there’s no potential. There’s no self-defeat that can tell you you’re more than poor and a loser. I think that’s the most important lie. Without that lie, we’re all stuck in how we’re born, and we can never seek anything outside of that.”

Hm, when is it OK to lie?

“I believe you must be truthful with everyone except when to do so would injure them.”

His comedy, The Invention of Lying, is out on DVD now.

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