To watch Robert Buckley in a scene as his character Kirby on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle is almost certainly to see him without his shirt off (and that is not a bad thing), as the younger man romancing Kim Raver‘s married character, Nico.


Hold onto your remotes ladies, because the hunky blond says he’ll be showing even more skin on season two of the show.


"It’s Kirby, so let’s be honest, he’s going to find himself in a couple situations sans T-shirt," he told reporters at the Lipstick Jungle season two premiere party hosted by Maybelline last night at Studio 450 in NYC.


How does he prepare for those stripped down moments?


"There’s a lot of crossing of my fingers and praying and hoping that the lights find my body correctly and make it look flattering. And probably some last minute jazzercising," he jokes.


Besides seeing him practically naked, Robert tells OK! we’ll also see more developments with his character.


"We’re going to get to see [Kirby’s] mom, and I assure you that that is a very, very interesting turn," he reveals to OK!. "And there’s also a whole new element that you’re going to see at the end of the season and new emotions that you haven’t seen before. It’s a good time for Kirby."


As for remaining a one-woman guy, Robert won’t give away too much about his character, but does hint, "he certainly does his fair share of romancing and heartbreaking."


With a smile like that, we’d let Kirby (or Robert) break our heart any day!

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