If you were walking within a mile of Central Park this afternoon, you’d probably have heard a deafening roar of "Awwwww!"

That raucous chorus would be the sound of a small army of swooning teens as they watched Robert Pattinson playing big brother to an adorable little girl.


So far, the handsome Brit  has been playing something of a bad boy in his new movie Remember Me.

But today the now-ubiquitous tribe of Rob fans who gathered to watch the shoot saw a softer side of his character, Tyler Roth, and it was nearly too much for some of the fans to take.


As the pig-tailed child actor, who apparently plays his little sister, hopped up on a bench and walked along next to Rob – who, so far, has been filmed with black eyes and getting into street fights – kept a watchful eye on her, while listening carefully to what she had to say.

"It was adorable!" said one onlooker. "Rob looked like the best big brother ever – he looked so protective of the little girl. It was too sweet!"


R-Pattz really doesn’t know how to get the ladies to fall in love with him, eh?


By Oliver Coleman





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