UPDATE 5:36 pm After his little cab incident earlier, OK! can confirm that Robert Pattinson is back at work, unharmed. He was spotted happily drinking a soda, unscathed, before heading on to the set to shoot a scene.




The bad news first: RadarOnline.com is reporting that Robert Pattinson was hit by a taxi cab in NYC today while running away from hysterical fans.


The good news: The Remember Me star is totally fine, and sources tell OK! he wasn’t actually touched by the car.

R-Pattz had his close call around noon outside a shooting location for his new flick, as a crowd of hysterical teenage girls swarmed him on his way out of a store.


Security guards tried to help him, hustling him across the street to his trailer, but the taxi grazed past him as he crossed the street, slamming on the brakes.


"The cab didn’t hit him. It came close, but it’s New York, that’s what happens," an on-set source tells OK!. "It barely touched him. He maybe put his hand on the cab but he’s fine. They all just went to lunch."


One of his bodyguards made sure there was no bodily harm done to Rob first, then screamed at the girls,  "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"


Let that be a lesson to you, obsessed Twilight fanatics: We know you love R-Pattz, we love him too, he knows you love him, so let’s give him some breathing room and keep him safe. 


Let’s all just look at pictures of his handsome face instead, shall we?




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