When The Dating Game cameras began rolling in 1978, Rodney Alcala turned on the charm. While to most women he seemed like a charismatic, good-looking young man, the troubled serial killer was actually hiding a malicious secret and dark past.

“On The Dating Game show, the woman questioner asks each of the eligible bachelors: ‘I’m going to eat you, what food are you?'” explains Psychologist Rex Julian Beaber in a teaser for REELZ’s new docuseries, World’s Most Evil Killers: Rodney Alcala.

“I’m called the banana and I look really good… peel me” Alcala himself is heard answering in a rarely seen tape of the 1978 Dating Game.

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“I said ‘Oh my god, this guy’s such a creep,'” recalls actor and former show contestant, Jed Mills.

Despite his spine-chilling response, “Bachelor #1” Alcala earned the first date with the show’s female suitor. Thankfully, she backed away before she became another of his many victims.

By the time he appeared on the show, on September 1978, Rodney Alcala had already killed five women. He later confessed to at least 30 other homicides and was sentenced to death in 2012. He is currently behind bars, serving a 25-to-life sentence in California.

World’s Most Evil Killers: Rodney Alcala airs Friday, May 25 at 8:00 ET / PT on REELZ.

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