A romance has bloomed on Bravo’s reality series lineup. Dale Levitski, Top Chef: Miami finalist, and current Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth are in a very new and very happy relationship, Dale excitedly tells OK!.

“It’s in the very early stages and we get along extremely well and, of course, he’s a total babe and he’s hilarious," Dale gushes.

While it may be easy to assume they met through their network, Dale reveals that’s not the case. Ever the techno-buffs, the pair first made contact through MySpace. “I saw something in his profile and we started chatting,” he says.

Even though it is a long-distance relationship (Dale is in Chicago; Jack, New York), the two are giving it a shot. They stay connected with daily phone calls, and Dale admits that their reality show stays provided a common background.

“I think a lot of how we bonded at first was both having survived the Bravo experience. Immediately we had that in common and it really helped us connect. Then when we started talking, I think our personalities are very similar,” the 34-year-old tells OK!.

Dale and Jack, 38, know that keeping the secrets of their relationship is key to making it work. “We’re just keeping it in stride and certain things are just between us and we’re going to take it slow and have a good time.”

By Derek Ivie

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