They say the pen is mightier than the sword — and it sure seems Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell are taking sentiment that to heart.

It seems these two have taken their very public war of words to the printed page. Each of them is taking jabs at the other in their new books. The New York Post‘s Page Six has secured a snippet of what Miss Rosie has to say about her billionaire nemesis in her book, Celebrity Detox.

“I honestly did not anticipate the malice of his response … I assumed Donald believed he had money. I did not assume Donald believed he was money. But apparently he does … The stuffing of his self spilled out — think of a torn scarecrow, only instead of hay, it’s crisp $100 bills blowing through the cornfields.”

She continues: “I could write one small comment on my blog, and Donald would predictably distend, flowing forth with a torrent of insults … Then he’d appear on some talk show looking wrinkled, old and empty, with a Jell-O orange comb over.”

Donald’s not taking this lying down. In his new book Think Big and Kick Ass he has said his going to clear up some “lies” and told the Post: “I’ll make a little wager my book sells a lot more than hers.”

Wonder who this round will go to?

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