As news of the split between Prince Harry and gal-pal Chelsea Davy begins to reach across the pond to America, some friends of the redheaded royal are already saying that this latest break from the blonde beauty has really shaken him to the core.

According to London’s Daily Express newspaper, what really has the 23-year-old prince troubled isn’t just the loss of Chelsea, but how that would mean the absence of her family from his life.

“The family is really part of the package for him. You can see that he really loves all of that,” explains one royals source, who adds that the Davy family has been there to support Harry as he’s dealt with finally coming to terms with his mother’s death a decade after the tragic incident.

So why are the lovebirds no longer nesting? “I think she just got a bit fed up,” the Express quotes one friend of Chelsea as saying. “There’s been gossip about him with
other girls and she’s found all the scrutiny on them very hard.”

But believers in true love need not be completely disheartened. Those close to Harry’s inner circle don’t see the split as long-term.

“It’s teething problems,” one of Chelsea’s girlfriends reveals. “After having a long-distance relationship, now they’re living in the same country… I don’t think it’s official. They’re just having a break.”

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