Well, we didn’t make it inside Buckingham Palace — yet — but we did go to the Plaza Hotel in NYC to interview Nico Ever-Swindell and Camilla Luddington, the stars of William & Kate, the hotly-anticipated Lifetime movie chronicling Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal romance, airing tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

From the couple’s fortuitous meeting at St. Andrew’s University to their glamorous (and long-anticipated) engagement in Kenya, the movie hurtles though Will and Kate’s sometimes tumultuous eight-year courtship.


So, what was it like stepping into the shoes of the most famous soon-to-be-married couple in the world?
Camilla: Its funny because when I went to my last audition, it was a chemistry read and there were other people there, lots of guys, and I saw Nico, I didn’t know who he was, in a crowd of people, and I just thought that has to be him. Something about him emulates Prince William and it just works. Nico is so charismatic and loveable so he is perfectly cast.

Nico: [Camilla and I] had great chemistry from day one. The story is about William and Kate and what they went through and we experienced that together for the first time.

How did you prepare to play William?
Nico: Well [me] being from New Zealand, Prince William was constantly in the public eye and I had seen him in interviews. But for this, I watched three interviews mainly to help get into character. I watched the interview where he was midway through St. Andrews, the one with Matt Lauer and Harry on the Today Show leading up to Princess Diana, and the engagement interview. I had to learn his voice, how he articulates things, and how he holds himself. William really gives himself to the public.

How many costume changes did you both have?
Nico: I had 68 and Camilla had 72. I was four behind her and honestly, I felt a bit left out!

Camilla, did Nico pull off the preppy Prince William look?
Camilla: I thought his wardrobe was spot on! I have been following William forever, since I was 12 years old. I remember Nico coming out in a formal suit with badges on it and he just looked exactly like Prince Charming from Disney. He just wore those clothes and as soon as they were on him, he just held himself differently.

Now you’ve had a first-hand insight into Kate’s style, what do you think her wedding dress will look like?
Camilla: I’ve heard rumors of Alexander McQueen. I think that she will go with a British designer, but personally I love Vera Wang because its classy, elegant and gorgeous. I heard in England that the tradition for her wedding dress would be to have a little sleeve, but I would like to see her in something more fitted like a mermaid dress. But I don’t that will happen. I think shell go for a ball gown.


Any chance you and Nico will get an invite to the wedding?
Camilla: I think it’s not going to happen, but Nico and I have discussed some form of a wedding crash! We’ll see if that gets executed any time soon.

Catch the trailer for William & Kate below, and tune in tonight on Lifetime.


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