Rules of Engagement storyline scoop!


The show is introducing a new gay couple, played by Orlando Jones and The ClassSam Harris, when the CBS sitcom comes back for midseason.

My Los Angeles counterpart Carole Glines recently visited the Rules set and spoke Orlando about his hot six-episode role, which will have his character Brad befriend Patrick Warburton’s conservative character Jeff.

“We sort of meet at the gym and like each other and decide to go watch sports together. Then he makes the discovery that my significant other, Jackie, is not a woman but a man,” Orlando said.


“I think it sort of shocks him because I don’t have any of the stereotypical things that one would ordinarily expect when you say there’s going to be a gay character on a sitcom.

“It’s legitimately and subtly groundbreaking because I can’t think of another comedy that would take a character like this and not play it about his sexuality, no disrespect to Will and Grace at all.”


Orlando, who is straight, enjoys working with Sam, who is openly gay in real life.  On the show, it’s a case of opposites attracting as Sam’s character will be more overtly gay.  “I have a great time with him.  It’s hysterical because our [TV] pairing is very much like some friends of mine where one of the guys despises anything like that while his significant other is far more flamboyant.”     

The Mad TV vet revealed Sam’s character will then befriend Jeff’s wife Audrey (Megyn Price) and then “it’s just about two couples who hang out together.”


Rules of Engagement returns to CBS in January.

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