Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who had Michael Jackson in his care at the time of his death, was in court today in Las Vegas over child support payments due to the mother of his child, TMZ reports. The judge ruled that Dr. Murray must now make regular monthly payments and the court will check in with him every three months to make sure he keeps up. If he pays on time, he will not be jailed.

Dr. Murray was first asked by the judge if he paid any of the $13,000 to the mother of his 10-year-old son, Nenita Malibiran, and he answered, “No, your honor,” according to TMZ.

Malibiran, who was not present, had waived her right to the $13,000 Dr. Murray owes, provided she gets $1,003 a month in child support from him. Murray also paid $700 in court.

Last month there was a bench warrant out for Dr. Murray’s arrest since he did not show up to his first court date for the child support hearing.

The doctor blamed Michael’s death for his inability to pay for his children.

Last month, TMZ reported that in documents filed objecting to the pending arrest warrant against Conrad for not paying his child support, the doc’s lawyers claim, “As a result of the media coverage of Michael Jackson’s death, combined with the deleterious effects of the current recession, [Murray] was simply unable to meet his obligations.”

Conrad’s lawyers state in the documents that he had no intention to “evade his obligations,” but added that Conrad is, “Temporarily unable to maintain a practice or obtain employment because of the extensive media coverage related to the death of Michael Jackson.”

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