Is Avril Lavigne joining the baby boom?

The pop-punk rocker was spotted shopping at Kitson for Kids, Lisa Kline Kids and Petit Tresor on Monday with husband of a year and a half, Deryck Whibley.

The couple reportedly picked up a cheetah diaper bag, baby AC/DC tees and a camo pacifier holder at the store. Alas, a possible baby bump couldn’t be spotted as the 23-year-old shielded her midsection with her large Prada bag.

Pregnancy rumors have been swirling since last month, which the pink-streaked singer has vehemently denied. Avril most recently addressed the speculation in Maxim.

"Remember in high school when people would start fake rumors about you?" she says. "Well, this isn’t high school; it’s like, the entire world."

Calls to the singer’s rep have not yet been returned.

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